Dutch Shoe & Leather Museum


Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum set to become SLEM

slem 341 kopie 201603251150Elzenweg site to close its doors definitively to the public. Transition programme to start in April.

From Monday 16 January 2017, the current site of the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum on Elzenweg in Waalwijk will be closed to the public. The site will remain in use for the storage and management of the collection. And employees will work here on the development of the new museum that is expected to open its doors in 2019 at its new site in the centre of Waalwijk, on Raadhuisplein.

In the intervening period of 2 years, the museum will be undertaking a transition programme with the working title 'Transformatie' [Transformation]. This programme covers various activities that highlight the past, present and future of the leather and shoe industry in the Langstraat region. The essence of the programme is the way in which Waalwijk and the surrounding area has adapted on each occasion to substantial economic and social changes such as, for instance, from piece work to industrial production and from industrial production to trade. Hence the idea of Transformation.

The transition programme will start at the end of April 2017. Among other things, it will include the following activities:

·       Temporary exhibitions, not least on the past 100 years of the leather and shoe industries, as exemplified by the tales of former workers in these industries. There will also be an exhibition on the making of the new museum

·       Walking tours in and around Waalwijk, featuring the most familiar and striking aspects of the town

·       Murals evoking the period from 1910-1920

·       Shoes and leather (and leather-related) objects at various sites in Waalwijk

·       Photo exhibition in locations including shopping centre the Els

·       Pop-up stores with products made by shoemakers and tanners working with sustainable methods

As the programme is still in development, all the above are subject to change.

For more information on Transformation or the closure of the museum, please see slem.nl. When you visit this website you can also put your name down for a free newsletter.