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marquitaArcheological Footwear - Development of shoe patterns and styles from Prehistory till the 1600's is the name of an impressive book written by the European expert on historical footwear, Marquita Volken.

Marquita has been living for years in Lausanne, Switzerland where she and her husband, Serge, have a small shoe museum. The book Archeological Footwear is the final result of many years of research after many different styles and patterns since the oldest recorded shoe find until the end of the 16th century. Marquita presented her dissertation in October 2012 at Lausanne University, for which she won the best of Faculty prize.

Marquita-bTo calceologists (specialists in historical footwear) this book is the wonderful and long-expected follow-up of the legendary publication Stepping through time by Olaf Goubitz, Carol van Driel-Murray and Willy Groenman -van Waateringe also referred to as 'the shoe bible'. In Stepping through time Goubitz has summarized, as well as beautifully illustrated, lots of different shoe styles, sole shapes, construction methods, fastenings etc. from prehistoric times until the 1800's supplemented with equally valuable articles by Carol van Driel (Roman footwear) and Willy Groenman (prehistoric footwear).

Marquita, who was a student of Goubitz', presents same elements as in Stepping through time, but with the addition of a chronology and typology in the form of well-arranged diagrams to show when each of those styles was worn. At the same time she has recorded photo's of lots of original shoes as well as reconstructions,including patterns and beautifully detailed drawings.

The 407-page masterpiece is a must have for anyone who deals with the research into the history of footwear but is certainly as interesting for shoe makers and designers.

The book only costs € 59.50 and is now for sale in the shop of the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum.