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Contribution to the International Shoe Design Competition 1967 of Valerio Cavalca by Alexander Nicolette, Parma, Italië. To enlarge click on image.

For quite some time the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum has been in contact with the Italian shoe bloggers Irma Vivaldi and Milo Bandini of The Historialist. With their relentless hunger for knowledge and facts relating to the Italian shoe history, they seem to deliver a significant contributionto the recognition of the Italian industrial heritage.

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A couple of weeks ago I ran into a picture of a particular man’s ankle boot at the Bata Shoe Museum’s weblog. Next to the zebra print ankle boot a framed photograph shows Pablo Picasso wearing a similar pair of these rather distinctive shoes. According to the blog, the shoe portrayed is one of the actual boots worn by Picasso in the photograph.

Foto Bata Museum met rechter schoen
© Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto

The funny thing is, the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum happens to own the other (left) boot of this pair. It gets even better. We also happen to own a complete pair of the shoes in question! You might wonder how this came to be? I will tell you all about it.

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