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Schilderij Jan_Josef_Horemans_1-A1
18th century shoemaker's workshop

The Dutch Leather and Shoemuseum has recently managed to acquire a significant painting by the Antwerp painter Jan Josef Horemans (1714- 1792) at an auction by the renowned auctioneer Christie’s in Amsterdam.
The signed painting dating from the late 18th century shows a shoemaker at his workshop. Thanks to many details, it draws a beautiful image of the way shoemakers used to work at that time.


A very distinguished example of a Jan Jansen shoe design in our collection is one named Interchangeable 1. This amazing shoe consists of a stainless steel slipper with a detachable textile upper. Interchangeable I is part of a series of footwear called Interchangeable Fashions. The removable upper has been made of red and blue brocade. Unfortunately the colors have faded over time, but nevertheless the actual design still is an amazing one

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